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Discover your next Holiday Cottage, Lodge, Cabin, Home and Apartment in Wales

Holiday Homes in Wales

Find your perfect Holiday Home - in Wales.

HolidayHomes.Wales is by far the best place to find your perfect Welsh Holiday Cottage, Lodge, Cabin, Home and Apartment anywhere in Wales. Enjoy an amazing escape to some of Wales’ best known places and others you’ll discover when you arrive. Enjoy fantastic features including Hot Tub Holidays, Swimming Pools, Wood Burning Stoves, Home Cinemas and much more too.

With Pet friendly properties and fun family homes for all to enjoy and flexible accommodation to enjoy a weekend away or two weeks of Welsh bliss and anything between. Our self catering, hand-picked homes are vetted personally by Owners Chris & Jak and their small Family run Team: Moira, Debbie, Nicola, Kelvin and Karran.

About Holiday Homes Wales


Showcasing the best of Wales has always been something important for Founders Chris & Jak.

Bringing people to Wales is easy, with our amazing history, impressive architecture and beaches around every corner. The problem was always getting people to stay. Hotels in Wales were a little bland and very overpriced. That brought the pair to create ‘Holiday Homes Wales’; a Brand created to showcase the best of Welsh homes so when you arrive, you’ll never want to leave!

Holiday Homes for booking with confidence in Wales

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Holiday Homes for safer stays in Wales

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Extra cleaning considerations
for your reassurance

Enjoy what Wales can offer from £200

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Holiday Homes Wales - Answers to all your questions

Holiday Homes Wales FAQ's

Extra cleaning considerations for your reassurance
Staying Safe with Us

Our Linen is Professionally laundered and steamed then sanitised and sealed for your protection. Prior to check-in, your home is professionally cleaned by a trusted third party who’s been vetted and trained in the way we work to ensure your home is sanitised for you to arrive.

Do I pay for Heating and Lighting?

Usually No. Bills are included as a part of the service we provide. We do occasionally need to charge for excessive usage, however we’ll always make you aware of that beforehand.

Will there be a TV at the Property?

There’s always at least one TV at each of our Properties. You’ll usually find a photo of it in the description of the property.

Do Properties have Cookers and Fridges?

All of our Properties have cookers and fridges unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the description.

Can I hold Parties at the Property?

Usually No. You’ll always need written permission from us in advance to confirm this.

Is smoking/vaping permitted?

All of our Properties have a No Smoking/Vaping Policy for the benefit of current and future guests.

Can we have items delivered to the property such as groceries?

Of course! Its your home and provided you’re there to accept it, that’s no problem at all.

Is bed linen and towels supplied?

Yes, we supply hotel grade linen and towels that have been professionally cleaned, sanitised and bagged for your protection. We kindly ask that you strip the linen on your final day and place it inside a pillowcase to aid the Housekeepers when they arrive.

Is there parking at the property?

Each property is different and although most of our properties have parking, its best to check this in the description. If you’re in any doubt, please ask.

When will I receive my check-in details?

Usually, we’ll call you a few days prior to arrival to ensure everything is going to plan and we’ll email you confirmed booking information with directions and how to access the property.

How do I access the property?

Either one of our Team will meet you at the property or you’ll have a combination code for a lock box nearby to obtain the key and access the property. This will be given to you in advance.

Do I need insurance?

If you’re travelling, its always a good idea to have travel insurance. Damages to the property will require paying for so if you think insurance would be a good idea, it’d be best to obtain that prior to departing. If you already have insurance in place, please let them know where you intend travelling to and who you’ve booked with so they’re well informed.

I can’t find the Property

Sometimes it happens. Some of our homes are on farms and in areas a SatNav just doesn’t know. If that happens, just give us a call on 02920 100742 and as we’ve visited there personally, we’ll be able to help guide you.

Anything else you need to know?

Please contact us below.

The best place to find your perfect Welsh Holiday Cottage, Lodge, Cabin, Home and Apartment anywhere in Wales

Looking to Let?

Looking to Let your home, cottage, chalet, lodge, yacht, long boat, wig-wam, aeroplane, cave or any other space with us?

Exclusively Ours

Whatever you’re searching for; A Countryside Lodge, a City Coach House, an Equestrian Chalet or just a glass of wine with a view. You’ll find your perfect Vacation with us.

The best place to find your perfect Welsh Holiday Cottage, Lodge, Cabin, Home and Apartment anywhere in Wales

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