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Chris J. Birch

Born in Caerphilly, Wales; Chris has worked predominantly in the Finance and Investment Industry from age 17 until a life in Business and Premium Banking found him assisting the growth of Landlord Portfolios. Until the Financial Crash of 2008, Chris had received several National Accolades for his Service to his Clients and had been recognised and singled out by the then RBS CEO for his outstanding over-achievement in Sales Targets.

Following a brief unemployment period following the Financial Crash, Chris returned to Studying and having achieved a Degree in Drama, a Degree in Business Management and a Post Graduate Degree in Teaching, he began to set up a Cleaning Company with Partner Jak Bjornstrom.

Chris and Jak created this Company following an initial £20 setup cost for the vacuum cleaner, Apollo was born and began employing Staff shortly afterwards. Working up through Industry and eventually expanding into Industrial Cleaning Services working Nationally for some of the Worlds biggest Clients including Tesco, IKEA, Wallmart and many more, Apollo continued to achieve high levels of success with thanks to Chris’ brutal honesty during client meetings and Jak’s high level of Operational Procedure and Policy creation.

During early 2020; the Pair appointed Nia Hood as Director and CEO of Apollo Cleaning Group and shortly afterwards, Nia made a successful bid to purchase the Company from Chris & Jak which completed in 2020.

During this time; Chris and Jak created Olympus Accountancy with another Partner in late 2018 and after one year and incredible success, Sold their interest back to the other Partner in early 2020.

During mid 2015, Chris sat with Jak and discovered the issues with Estate Agencies and Management Companies and after several years of debate; Set up ‘Haus’ as a Private Client Estate Agency and Property Management Service based on their years of Experience together managing and caring for others Properties. Now boasting a successful track record of achieving high yield rental income for Property owners, the pair have received several accolades for their efforts with their Clients and take credit for several of their Clients achieving almost 100% more revenue in their Portfolio through their Efforts.

Haus has quickly expanded into other areas including the highly successful and sought-after holiday home management company; ‘Holiday Homes Wales’ which includes sub Brands; ‘Guest Haus’ and ‘Stay France’. In 2021; they appointed Carina Henriques to the Directors chair at Haus Realty to continue to expand the Sales & Rentals growth of the Brand.

For his Entrepreneurial Experience and background in Finance and Economics; Chris was requested to Guest Lecture at selected Private Schools and Universities across Wales which has lead to a variety of Public Speaking roles including the infamous ‘TedTalks’ and was invited to Lecture UnderGraduates in Business and Economics one day a week at a prestigious Welsh University.

Now expanding into France with the launch of ‘Alder Birch Properties’, the pair have purchased properties the Pays De La Loire Region of France and are running a successful Holiday Home service and expanding on their knowledge by developing and culturing a growing Industry in the Region.

Building on his Expertise in connecting Business Owners, providing support and building business knowledge; Chris created The Think Tank and Birch Consulting. The two brands working together to Mentor Business Owners, carry out Business Consulting in Wales and providing Strategy for Business Owners through Business Networking in Wales and one to one Business Support.

In early 2021; the Pair expanded further into the Property sector by expanding into the Project Management and Construction sector after several years of Independent Management with the Launch of ‘JAC Construction’ with Partner; Altaf Hussain.

In late 2021 the pair launched a French Patisserie Coffee Shop and Bistro chain ‘Fredwell’ in Cowbridge which has seen tremendous success following a heavy analysis of the Hospitality and Experience Market in Wales.

The pair continue to further diversify into multiple sectors whilst providing Quality work and Homes for people across Wales and France whilst truly encapsulating the meaning of ‘Entrepreneur’.

Photo of Chris J Birch - Birkenhaus
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